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Solo Art Show, november 14th, 2010

November 14th, 2010 
joelle circe: review 

“Where dreams and sensuality meet on the canvas” ~ Circe’s Art 

Art lovers gathered for Joelle Circé’s Erotic Art Solo at The Monde Osé Factory on May 13th, 2010. The diverse group of friends, family and erotic art enthusiast flirted with the explicit offerings of this local painter. 

Ms. Circe’s brush stoked the shadowy eroticism of “forbidden” pleasures. The explicit exploration of our most intimate parts and most intimate moments were inspired with the talented touch of a masterful artist. 

A memorable scene in Vagina Monologues asks women to describe what their vaginas would wear if their vaginas were to get dressed. The question provoked inspired conversations and imaginative ways of thinking about vaginas… in all their lovely, funny, touching, rawness and realness. Artist Joelle Circe explores this question and beyond in a her erotic, touching and provactive first solo show. 

This art would make the perfect focal point in a boudoir, fetish cafe or all-adult space. It would certain inspire attention of a certain kind 😉 

Congratulation Joelle on this achievement of your first solo show! Visit Joelle at 

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010 
erotic artshow 

“Beloved, you are my sister, you are my daughter, you are my face; you are me” ~ Toni Morrison 


Circé’s erotic art solo 
May 13th to 15th, 2010 at The Monde Osé Factory 
995, rue Wellington, suite 200, Montreal, Qc. 

vernissage: May 13th from 7pm to midnight (Free) 
May 14 & 15: from noon to 5 pm 

from the artist’s press release: Circé’s Erotic Art is proud to announce a celebration and act of empowerment of women and all females through the erotic art of Circé. As a way of adding her voice to women and empowering herself and her sisters, Montreal born queer femme-artist Circé has assembled close to 30 erotic paintings and drawings that she has created over the past three years and will be exhibiting in her first Solo Exhibition on May 13th in her home town of Montreal. 

After completing her Vagina paintings, Circé began to create a sex positive series of erotic drawings and paintings that explore the wonder of women and their bodies in all their beautiful shapes and sizes thus questioning what is the perception of beauty. 

Circé is a woman of transsexual experience, but she is a woman first and foremost. Her journey to attain her womanhood gives Circé a unique perspective on what it is to be a woman and how important it is to celebrate all that women are. 
for more info contact:

Posted by Circé on December 17, 2011

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