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Bony T. Drag Queen

© Circé

oil on canvas

18in. x 24in.

Although a piece which fits nicely in my ongoing queer art series, I wanted to do something more with it, something that speaks about male privilege. So now, this painting as a double entendre, a double life; it is a very personal and intimate scene of a Drag Queen in between shows as well as addressing how our society and this includes the Drag Queen scene, is male centred and women are seen as lesser, to the point of being parodied. Of course, this does not mean that all Drag Queens are women haters or that this is each ones personal intent. Bony T. was very gracious in allowing me to use him as a model for this painting.

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  1. 06/9/2012

    Do remember that some drag queens are androphile transsexuals. It is a route in, a cultural expression older than the Government sanctioned route of transition. So, it may be herself that she is parodying.

    • 06/9/2012

      Hi Claire, most drag queens aren’t though, they are mostly though not exclusively Gay men who perform on stage and this is what I’m addressing in this piece. I met and worked with this Gay man as my model.


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