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My thoughts as a queer femme-artist

I reject the label of fine artist, I am a queer femme-artist. I reject the label of fine artist because it is steeped in a patriarchal slant that always considered women as lesser, not as talented or deserving. Emotions in Women’s art is not a simple bi-product of nature and emotion in men’s art is not a new creation that transcends the dictates of nature.

My voice as a queer femme-artist of transsexual origin is what distinguishes me from other artists. Asides from women, I also explore queer lives and people.

Beauty and the sublime in my eyes, holds little in common with any masculine or heterosexist views. I am not a disinterested observer, an eye without compassion, I am completely interested in all things women and feminine, I am filled with a burning desire to share and to understand. For me, to fully appreciate the Art of women’s lives, I need to be closely entangled in what my sisters see and feel, I need to smell, taste, touch and understand, I cannot obtain what I need in my Art from a distance.

My Art is always political, it has to be by the very nature that it’s personal. I subvert traditional art, fine-art, established aesthetics through the questioning of society’s treatment and attitude towards women. I use the techniques once taught nearly exclusively to men to promote the power and strength of women.

I embrace the erotic in my paintings and drawings. My art is post-feminist in nature and understanding. I attempt to disrupt, to bring questioning to the viewer, to push for a dialogue and to denounce violence and all forms of oppressions towards women.

For me, it’s often about freeing myself of the chains of a patriarchally imposed subordination of women in the arts by misogynistic edicts on beauty and acceptable topics. I transgress the rules of  political correctness. I explore, through my Art, the female body, female sexuality and female thought. I insist on using a female discourse which freely speaks to the feminine, not as a weakness or lesser quality but as the powerful life energy it truly is. 


Posted by Circé on January 11, 2012
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  1. 03/9/2012
    Solitaire Venus

    Wow so true. Stand up and be heard!

    • 03/9/2012

      Hello Solitaire, hehehe, I am woman, hear me roar ! 🙂 Thank you for commenting on my post, it is very much appreciated. 🙂

  2. 01/31/2012

    Hello and thank you so much for the like Leslie. 🙂

  3. 01/14/2012

    Hello and thank you for the like PictureS 🙂


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