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© Circé

oil on canvas

9in. x 12in.

This physically small painting refers to a huge and long standing practice of FGM ( female genital mutilation ). The image of an excised vagina, the labia has been removed, is a horrifying and blatant image of the practice and it’s impact on women. In contrast to the journey towards coming into her own vagina, Circé sees this image as iconic in the war against women and the ownership and ultimate control over women’s bodies.

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  1. 06/24/2013

    Your painting is very beautiful.

    • 06/24/2013

      Hello and thank you Joana, I rarely receive feedback on this particular painting, probably due to the subject matter, it can be uncomfortable to many.For me, it’s about lending a voice to women and denouncing such violence.

  2. 07/4/2012

    Hi Circé,
    I completely agree with your views and join hands with you, against this brutality.
    I have read a lot about this practice being still followed in Africa and and parts of Middle East.
    More shocking was, how could ones own parents subject their child to such a torture.
    This is crime in the name of either religion/tradition. I wish every women on earth raise their voice against FGM.
    Appreciate your art talent and bringing in the rarely spoken subjects into light for a good cause in art form.
    Kudos and hats-off.


    • 07/4/2012

      Hi Kutty,

      Thank you very much for adding your comments and voice against FGM’s and all other forms of violence against women and young girls. Keep coming back as I regularly post my latest paintings. 🙂

  3. 04/22/2012

    الختان شي مهم فهو نضافه للمراءه من الاتهابات وغيرها من

    • 04/22/2012

      You say that excisions are important for a woman’s cleanliness ( hallal ? ) and other reasons that you do not specify, but the facts are not reflective of what you advance. Female Genital Excisions are to put it quite simply, a patriarchal machination, a tool to control women bodies and reproductive autonomies. These mutilations are prevalent not only i many African countries but in Middle Eastern countries such as Kurdish Irak and Egypt to mention but those two.

      Deaths, infections and other major health problems are part and parcel of FGM’s as well as the veil of silence about it’s continued use. I paint on topics that are anti women and FGM are very much anti women and young girls.

  4. 02/4/2012

    Hello Madhurima, Yes, it is inhuman, very brutal. Yet, it is justified as being tradition and therefore somehow a good thing. It is simply another way in which violence is visited upon women and young girls each day, week, month and year in certain places of the world. Excisions have no logical reasons for existing other than as a sort of idiotic control mechanism dreamed up by males. There are many variations of excisions, some much more savage than others, in this piece we can see that the labia majora and minora are all but destroyed.

    I thank you for posting on this painting I created some years ago, it rarely gets attention or rather, commented on. I think it bothers us as people to know that such crimes are still being committed and maybe we prefer turning our heads the other way and pretend all is fine, that young girls aren’t being subjected to such horrors.


  5. 02/4/2012

    I did not know about this practice.This is inhuman

  6. 01/14/2012

    Hello and thank you for the like adollyciousirony 🙂


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