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Joelle Circé’S Solo show and vernissage at Venus Envy Ottawa

My good friend Sylvia Martin posted the information to my opening reception at Venus Envy Ottawa in the online version of, Canada’s Gay and Lesbian Magazine.

On Talent

One thing I can do without, is this insistence from some that not only am I talented, but worse, that it’s a gift from some imaginary higher up and omnipotent benefactor/tress.  I take exception to this sort of  idiocy, it’s downright insulting and demeaning of all the hard work I have put into my art. Sorry, but what I have is not a mysterious god/dess given magical ability.

I have been interested in images from a very young age, been doodling and scribbling everywhere as a child and teen, and because I was actually looking and curious about lines and colors, I came to better understand them, this is not talent, it’s awareness.

I think there is an aptitude that helps in developing what is perceived as talent and it’s ones potential. My potential to be an astronaut is extremely limited as that would demand that I be interested, see passionate about such things as advanced maths, astronomy, and other sciences. Fact is, I suck in those fields of endeavor, I have very little interest in learning such things and therefore my potential to become an astronaut are nil.

Talent is not about style, about being famous or rich, it’s not about be popular or even demand that others love your art, talent is your potential in a given area of activity. This can be understood in part as your level of interest, of practicing, of time spent at understanding something. Above all else, I think talent is defined as how passionately you live potential. 

Knowledge and technical skills are one thing, and this is desirable when one is a professional in any field. Talent is about your natural ability in something. I’d say it was something that, early on, becomes hardwired in ones brain. It’s how you react and live your environment, your instinct. We can speak here of behavior, that comes from knowledge absorbed as a child, about recurring patterns, thoughts and behavior. We often notice how consistent these patterns are in those we consider talented.

Talent is enduring and constant but it is not magical and certainly not endowed upon someone by a deity or higher power. It is time to acknowledge ourselves as fully sufficient and powerful enough as humans to develop our own talent, and this makes talent all the more special.

Joelle Circé

Solo Art show and Opening reception at Venus Envy Ottawa

Starting on march 4th, 2012, many of my paintings will be featured for the whole month of march at Venus Envy Ottawa. The opening reception is on march the 4th, from 6 pm to 8 pm. Entrance is free and includes a wine and small snacks. Come by and say hi, check out my art.

Venus Envy Ottawa

320 Lisgar Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 0E2



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