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In what manner is my art feminist.

When looking upon my drawings and paintings, is it possible to come to the conclusion that my art is ‘ gynocentric ‘ overall and I would answer that yes, it is, very much. I try to concentrate my efforts and gaze of women’s issues, women’s concerns. This does not mean that my art is somehow more feminine, just that I paint what I find of great importance to me as a woman artist. Sometimes, my pieces are rather in your face and harsh and one could argue that this leaves it with very little feminine aesthetics, one could argue.

The fact that I make use of techniques and knowledge of art that is steeped in the patriarchy of yesteryear might seem misleading or even a contradiction of my established stance that I am a feminist queer woman artist. It is true that I use these techniques, I even enjoy them very much but this is how I was schooled, trained and yes it is a very privileged situation for a woman. What I do is use this knowledge to further my intention of speaking on women’s lives. 

I draw and paint in the context and lived reality of my identity as a woman, one with a transsexual origin. This includes my sexual orientation, my past, my views as an atheist, my social class, that I’m a married lesbian of a certain age, my race, my personality and much more. Oh, yes my gender and sex should very much be placed among all of the above.

When I go through the process of deciding what will be my next painting, I take into account the herstory of women, I actually sometimes become overwhelmed by all that can and should be spoken of in regards to my sisters. But usually, I latch onto one aspect such as how we deal with our bodies, our images of them, always attempting to transgress what is expected.

I am building on the feminist artist that precede me, taking courage and inspiration from their examples. My art is often quite political but sometimes it can be whimsical as we all go through a great variety of emotions and periods in our lives and this is no different for me. I enjoy representing queer women and giving some sort of visibility and honor just as I feel deeply about always creating new paintings about women’s issues and lives. Of course, the more erotic pieces will likely continue to have their place in my art as I perceive sex, sexuality, the sensual and downright erotic as valued aspects of being a women, not something to be shameful of.

The way in which I express my feminist views are as similar and as different as is that of any other woman’s, it is highly personal. 

Posted by Circé on March 11, 2012
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