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An intro into the world of Circé

Circe is a queer femme artist of transsexual origin. Her drawings and paintings reflect an integrated queer feminism that is political, social, and often emotional in nature.   Of late she has begun to work on a new series celebrating queer lives.   Her wish is to represent the diversity of queer people. Circé’s passion and exploration of queer realities is motivation for what she commits to being a lifelong exploration.



To date, she has created paintings capturing moments and images of a High Femme, a trio of Butch women at seated at a Bar while a femme checks them out, a Drag King, a Kiki Lesbian Tanguero, a Butch Vagina, and her moving interpretation of a Transsexual crucifixion which she donated to the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in Soho, New York and is now part of their permanent collection.  Circe is eagerly committed to producing art that further reflects the many dynamic facets of Queer identity and existence.

 * my sister originally composed this note about me,I have simply updated it.

High Femme

High Femme

© Circé

oil on canvas

30in. x 48in.

Originally conceived and created as part of a larger Queer Lives series, Ms. Circe offers a sensual and stunning take on not only the visibility of queer women, but also a non-conformist portrayal of an unapologetic sexual woman.  Juxtaposed within the classical portraiture milieu we are dramatically given a moment of relaxed, confident sexuality.  Beautifully captured and portrayed Ms. Circe choses to show a confidence that confronts the viewer and asks that we linger in this captured moment, where queerness and marginalized identity has never been presented in such an archetypal and simply stunning way.  Ms. Circe continues to examine important questions about feminism and female representation in her art, unafraid of the sexual politics that have often been a centric controversial element in deconstructing feminist art practice.  Ms. Circe offers an intriguing and powerful image of female sexuality in her continued exploration of what has historically been the site of women’s oppression. 


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