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I purposefully kept the title of this note brief as it factually defines exactly what the product of my activity is and I am never as happy as when this is said of what I do.

 The above being stated, I do perceive and process life through a female gaze and a very political one at that. I always represent women’s experiences, sometimes in a celebratory light and at other times, in darker, more pain filled moments. I do not create to please ( though if my art does please, I am very happy it does ), I paint to express a woman’s point of view, mine.

 I feel liberated, empowered as an artist, that I do the type of art I do, it holds to no societal, cultural, religious or familial imperatives with any degree of servitude or blind acceptance as I enjoy the questioning, the denouncing, the rejection of things patriarchal. I embrace my privileged position that allows me to be in my studio and create at my own leisure, I recognize and own it, I am privileged. And in this position of privilege I choose to create art which speaks of women’s lives, the good and the bad. My art is my ‘ cheval de guerre ‘, my war horse and my ‘ nom de guerre’ is Circé. Hehehe, well that’s as military as I ever wish to get. 

 So, here is what I have come to recognize in my art, it is deeply rooted in feminism, even my erotic pieces, it’s simply who I am. I am a new arrival on this scene of feminist art and it all began after I transitioned, when I was finally able to allow myself a voice that was mine and mine alone. I do not pretend to know or understand all of what feminism is to all women, I am happy to lend my voice to the collective voices of all women. Whether I paint an erotic piece that celebrates sexual freedom and even in your face visuals of vulvas or one of a woman descending into the depths of madness brought on by patriarchal oppression to ‘cure’ her hysteria to painting a series on Queer lives, it is with a constant, though very personal, gaze and it is imbued with what I have learned along the way as a woman, sister, queer, and feminist.

 And as no two women are completely alike, I as a woman bring my unique perspective and understanding of the world around me. I know that some of what I paint might be disturbing to some, and sometimes it is and it’s how I want it to be as I feel it is the only way to shine a light on certain aspects of what it can be like being a woman. Pieces like ‘ Yellow Wallpaper, Breaking free, Smashing Images, Food for thought, Shut up and be pretty ‘ , are meant to expose the darkness that is the patriarchy and to speak of the violence visited upon women and girls. My awareness as a woman, seeing the world around me as a woman, experiencing life as a woman, being in a female body ….. all of it informs and allows me to percieve so much more clearly the marginalization and infantilism of women in patriarchal societies and this in turn brings oxygen to stoke the fires of activism as a feminist who’s tool is her art, who’s voice is her art. 

 This same awareness and experience has also led me to great joys in celebrating all my sisters and their lives and this too, is expressed through my art. Well, there you go, and I hope to continue on the same path for a very long time.

Posted by Circé on May 23, 2012
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  1. 05/24/2012

    Hi Samantha and thank you for liking my post. 🙂


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