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Lone Wolves and the femme

Lone Wolves and the femme

© Circé 2012

Oil on canvas

20in. x 40in.

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  1. 06/7/2012

    Interesting they seem more interested in you then the Femme. But then again I have rarely seen couples who fit those gender stereo types in the Queer community. It’s alway butch and butch and femme and femme. Even with the men, I almost see it as self affirming, like I’m masculine and I like being with other’s who look masculine like myself. Thanks for sharing.

    • 06/7/2012

      It’s a bit of my way of being in this painting as the observer being spotted. We don,t frequent the same circles obviously, hehehe, I am in a B-f relationship and I’m friends with a big number of such couples and of course, I do know others who just don’t identify as B-f and that’s perfecto to me.
      The Butches and Boi seen in this depiction are all female identified and the scene can be interpreted as you, the viewer understands it. Thank you for sharing your opinion. 🙂


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