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My Art at the Feminist Art Conference in Toronto !

My painting ‘ Food for Thought ‘ has just been selected to be in the Feminist Art Conference in Toronto, Ontario on March 9th, 2013. It’s image will also be used for their promotion via electronic press releases and in their social media outreach.  

March 9th, 1:00-5:00 Reception to follow, Foundery, 376 Bathurst, Toronto.



Food for thought ©Circé oil on canvas 20in. x 30in.

Food for thought ©Circé oil on canvas 20in. x 30in.


Posted by Circé on February 7, 2013
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  1. 02/8/2013

    I think it is so necessary to remove stigma from natural things too. People in power always try to make people feel guilty or fearful about human nature. Thanks for your work.

    • 02/8/2013

      Hi spacehousepeople, thank you for commenting, I am all the more encouraged to create what I create knowing it touches others. And when it comes to laying low certain taboos around the human body and especially women’s bodies, I’m all in. 🙂

  2. 02/7/2013

    And what were your feelings when creating this one?

    • 02/7/2013

      In the context of my queer feminism, I deliver ‘ Food for Thought ‘, a provocative piece that dares the viewer to look. This painting challenges our fears and taboos that abound in many societies regarding women and their bodies, it speaks to courage and openess, of saying that there is nothing dirty, evil or bad about a vagina, about labias and clitorises, that therein resides great power and beauty. The ustensiles are but tools to convey the notion of a passion for communication and dialogue about the lives of all women. ‘ Food for Thought ‘ speaks to my interest in women’s political agency, the autonomy over our own bodies and to say no to slut shaming by proudly embracing this part of our bodies that is too often made to appear unclean.

      • 02/8/2013

        I’m not a descendant of Adam and Eve. Hence I never had to deal with the consequences of the fall of man. No fig leaf for this woman 🙂

      • 02/8/2013

        Nope, no fig leaves, unless they are studded with rhinestones and made of gold. 🙂

      • 02/8/2013

        Hmmm………..and poor me always thought queer feminists had done with patriarchal tokens like that, |)

      • 02/8/2013

        You seem to have a problem with my art or rather what I’m communicating and that’s fine, you don’t have continue commenting.
        This painting isn’t a patriarchal token, it’s an in your face statement about reclaiming our bodies. It’s not subtle, not soft but meant to be provocative.

      • 02/8/2013

        Chill lady, I was merely responding to your “studded with rhinestones and made of gold”!

      • 02/8/2013

        Which was a JOKE that was meant in the spirit of agreement about your Adam and Eve comment, while adding my own queer femme predilections for shinny things and fashion.
        So, before telling me to chill, please be a little more clear when you maker statements. If you wish you comment on my art, great, but I can do without being slammed for making a joke on my website.

      • 02/8/2013

        Of course you were joking. As was I. In a world so full of sad stuff, humor is needed at times, wouldn’t you agree?

        That you perceived my response to your joke as if I would have a problem with your art, still baffles me though.

      • 02/9/2013

        Well ok, I guess it must be how I took your words. I agree and love good humor.

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