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What is the reason for the art I create

 Over the years, I have represented all manner of topics and used a wide variety of subject matter and sometimes it was just for practice sake and experimentation, but I would say that since 2001, it’s all been about the topics and issues I find to be of importance to me. It’s something of a challenge as I have had to more deeply immerse myself in who I am, to question myself and why I am, and what I hope to achieve through my art. I choose to represent women, all women, no matter who they are and how they came about in life. I wanted and still wish to showcase women in queer communities, women in erotic scenes and most importantly for me, women’s issues and their lives. Now, of course I have to date created those paintings which express ideas, issues and ways of being that speak most to me for now, like a vulva series as an acknowledgement of Eve Ensler’s “ The Vagina Monologues “ as well as the more intimate an personal acknowledgement of my own transition and path as a woman. I further wished, with the vulva series, to celebrate and ponder the beauty and dangers of being a woman and it’s my hope that I have at least given some food for thought and my gaze allowed for a different take on vulvas and why we feel so uncomfortable when confronted with them in public art. Other series like my ongoing Queer women series is me exploring queer women identities, while inviting the viewer to get a sense and feel of the reality of queer women’s lives. I also approached more erotic pieces as a way to say how natural our sexualities are and that it’s not always about the over sexualization of women’s bodies, as it can also be of how the women in erotic poses and scenes can help challenge our comfort levels. I create for myself primarily, for my satisfaction and pleasure, and is my personal efforts to gain better insight and understanding on the topics I tend to paint about. It is my view, my gaze that I apply and with a little luck, maybe I am expressing how one of my models is experiencing a given scene or emotion, because it really is something I strive to attain. I want the viewer to get a sense of what the women in my paintings are living and feeling at that moment in time. Finally, I hope to share with all, what it is that I see, sense, feel and experience as a paintress.

Joelle Circé

Posted by Circé on September 13, 2016

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