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Me, understanding myself as an artist.

I try to inject, to express as best I can, what it is that I wish to communicate through my paintings, sometimes, I get lost but I do try to keep things as clear as I can. I usually start by figuring out what I want to say and then I work out the composition, lines, tonal values, colours and texture. I struggle to come up with the communication, sometimes, it’s not the clearest of messages, but when I’m at my best, the painting speaks clearly.

I centre my focus around women, their lives, issues and conditions, trying to be consequential with myself and my thoughts. I may come off as rigid in how I think when it comes how and what I paint, but I think it’s vital to not be all over the place, at least in regards to my approach to my art.

When I decide on a communication I wish to express through painting, I will do all I must in order to understand all I can about it, keeping what works and leaving behind what doesn’t lend itself to the strengthening of the message. Of course, I do not work in a vacuum and so am influenced from many sources, including my own point of view, my gaze.

I feel success when I see understanding of my paintings in the viewer, when one of my paintings touches someone, when my art garners reactions, both positive and negative. I paint because I wish to engage you, and your reactions, your understanding, all of your responses to any given piece I create, is desired and needed, my art is nothing if it is only one sided.
Joelle Circé

My queer art at Café des Arts during Montreal Pride.


My Art at the Feminist Art Conference in Toronto !

My painting ‘ Food for Thought ‘ has just been selected to be in the Feminist Art Conference in Toronto, Ontario on March 9th, 2013. It’s image will also be used for their promotion via electronic press releases and in their social media outreach.  

March 9th, 1:00-5:00 Reception to follow, Foundery, 376 Bathurst, Toronto.



Food for thought ©Circé oil on canvas 20in. x 30in.

Food for thought ©Circé oil on canvas 20in. x 30in.


Two paintings sold at Venus Envy Ottawa

Below are the two paintings that were sold during the Opening reception / Vernissage at Venus Envy Ottawa on march 4th, 2012. It’s always such a plus to receive positive feedback from those who visit and comment of my art and when a piece is sold, this also is very encouraging to me as a woman artist. 

Opening reception / Vernissage at Venus Envy Ottawa, the results !

A few photos I took during the opening reception / Vernissage at Venus Envy Ottawa on march 4th. I made 2 sales in the two hours this event lasted. The show itself continues all of march 2012.


Solo Art Show, november 14th, 2010

November 14th, 2010 
joelle circe: review 

“Where dreams and sensuality meet on the canvas” ~ Circe’s Art 

Art lovers gathered for Joelle Circé’s Erotic Art Solo at The Monde Osé Factory on May 13th, 2010. The diverse group of friends, family and erotic art enthusiast flirted with the explicit offerings of this local painter. 

Ms. Circe’s brush stoked the shadowy eroticism of “forbidden” pleasures. The explicit exploration of our most intimate parts and most intimate moments were inspired with the talented touch of a masterful artist. 

A memorable scene in Vagina Monologues asks women to describe what their vaginas would wear if their vaginas were to get dressed. The question provoked inspired conversations and imaginative ways of thinking about vaginas… in all their lovely, funny, touching, rawness and realness. Artist Joelle Circe explores this question and beyond in a her erotic, touching and provactive first solo show. 

This art would make the perfect focal point in a boudoir, fetish cafe or all-adult space. It would certain inspire attention of a certain kind 😉 

Congratulation Joelle on this achievement of your first solo show! Visit Joelle at 

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010 
erotic artshow 

“Beloved, you are my sister, you are my daughter, you are my face; you are me” ~ Toni Morrison 


Circé’s erotic art solo 
May 13th to 15th, 2010 at The Monde Osé Factory 
995, rue Wellington, suite 200, Montreal, Qc. 

vernissage: May 13th from 7pm to midnight (Free) 
May 14 & 15: from noon to 5 pm 

from the artist’s press release: Circé’s Erotic Art is proud to announce a celebration and act of empowerment of women and all females through the erotic art of Circé. As a way of adding her voice to women and empowering herself and her sisters, Montreal born queer femme-artist Circé has assembled close to 30 erotic paintings and drawings that she has created over the past three years and will be exhibiting in her first Solo Exhibition on May 13th in her home town of Montreal. 

After completing her Vagina paintings, Circé began to create a sex positive series of erotic drawings and paintings that explore the wonder of women and their bodies in all their beautiful shapes and sizes thus questioning what is the perception of beauty. 

Circé is a woman of transsexual experience, but she is a woman first and foremost. Her journey to attain her womanhood gives Circé a unique perspective on what it is to be a woman and how important it is to celebrate all that women are. 
for more info contact:

Festival des Arts Érotique de Montréal

du 13 au 16 août
Musée Juste pour rire
2111, boul. Saint-Laurent 

Pour une troisième année consécutive, le Conseil des Art du Québec (CAQ), en partenariat avec Bal érotique, est fier de présenter le FESTIVAL D’ART ÉROTIQUE DE MONTREAL, qui a pour objectifs de promouvoir positivement la sensualité, l’érotisme et la beauté à travers les arts : arts visuels, danse, performances, défilés de mode, musique, vidéo, films, lancement de livres et bien d’autres surprises. Il s’agit d’une occasion exceptionnelle de promouvoir les arts et les valeurs d’une société évolutive.

Le Conseil met à l’honneur les artistes qui on été séléctionés pour « The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, 2009 ».Parmi ces artistes, trois d’entre-eux ont été découverts à travers nos deux dernières expositions érotiques.

**Jeudi, 13 août
Vernissage, de l’exposition Provocation
Entrée: 10$
17h à 22h
Artistes invités, édition 2009 (arts plastiques)

•André, Joseph •Andrus, Bruno •Argaive •Benoit, Yves •Bevillard, Catherine •CaroH •Carrasco, Victoria •Chainey, Jean •Circé •Cliche, François •Cossette, Eric •Coughlin, Colette •Desautels, Bob •Dillenschneider, Yan •Dussault, Isabelle •Gartel, Laurence •Giuliani, Viviana •Harber, Daniel •Haussmann, Andrea •HEM – Lachapelle, Mathieu •Houde, Caroline •Johnston, Ross •Juana II – Juana Loreto Lopez•Laramée, Daniel •Levesque, Ashe •LIPSTIK-Sorribas, Julien •Lonergan, Patrick •Masklovskaia, Marina •Morey, Craig •Mulvey, Frank •Palmaerts, Maude •Perron, Nancy •Plihal, Alena •Polizèno •Pronovost, Jean •REM-X •Roberge, Vanessa •Sanguin, Valerie •Salvador DaliX •Sol Lang •Turcotte,Isabelle •Vézina, Mireille •Welch, Graeme •Viti
Noms en majuscule : œuvres d’artistes oeuvrant avec le Conseil à paraître dans The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, 2009 Tome III (parution prévue en août 2009).

Dunter bondage role play –
Scarlet James, danse burlesque –
et plusieurs autres performances et activités surprises.

**Vendredi, 14 août
Entrée: 10$
Exposition Provocation, de 14h à 21h

22h à 03h., événement TEASE HER
10$ à l’avance 15$ à la porte

Produced by Danika Bass

Featuring Dirty electro music (Rock, house, electro) music by DJ Danika Bass

Ep Bergen ( Bran van 3000)
Electro Hoe
Shantal Maure
The Hot Cabaret Club
Disco Salope
et plus encore…
PoPorn room!

Événement à l’extérieur du Musée
22h à 03h
Produit par Frank Monde osé
Événement : Sweet Dreams
Club Opéra, 32, Ste-Catherine Ouest

**Samedi, 15 août
Entrée: 10$
Exposition Provocation, de 14h à 22h

Entrée – $10 billets pré-ventes, $15 à la porte
22h à 03h Événement de clôture: Le Party
Produit par Anothersidewalk

DJ max max et Dj Perks
suivi de Brendon Duvall, de minuit à 3h00

Dunter bondage role play

**Dimanche, 16 août
Entrée: 10$
Exposition Provocation, de 11h à 18h
Performances : Peinture en direct de NADine Samuel et Diana Polizéno
12h à 13h Littérature et Cinéma
Olivier Campeau
15h à 18h Dr. Sketchy – ateliers de modèles burlesques.

Jessica LaBlanche

Apportez vos crayons
et feuilles de dessin
Performances : Peinture en direct de NADine Samuel et Diana Polizéno

Il a d’autres artistes a rajouter sur la liste et d’autres disciplines (musique, littérature, cinéma, vidéo) à venir.

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