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Me, understanding myself as an artist.

I try to inject, to express as best I can, what it is that I wish to communicate through my paintings, sometimes, I get lost but I do try to keep things as clear as I can. I usually start by figuring out what I want to say and then I work out the composition, lines, tonal values, colours and texture. I struggle to come up with the communication, sometimes, it’s not the clearest of messages, but when I’m at my best, the painting speaks clearly.

I centre my focus around women, their lives, issues and conditions, trying to be consequential with myself and my thoughts. I may come off as rigid in how I think when it comes how and what I paint, but I think it’s vital to not be all over the place, at least in regards to my approach to my art.

When I decide on a communication I wish to express through painting, I will do all I must in order to understand all I can about it, keeping what works and leaving behind what doesn’t lend itself to the strengthening of the message. Of course, I do not work in a vacuum and so am influenced from many sources, including my own point of view, my gaze.

I feel success when I see understanding of my paintings in the viewer, when one of my paintings touches someone, when my art garners reactions, both positive and negative. I paint because I wish to engage you, and your reactions, your understanding, all of your responses to any given piece I create, is desired and needed, my art is nothing if it is only one sided.
Joelle Circé

The Space Between

The Space Between, April 6th 2014


The Space Between

©Circé 2014

oil on canvas

36in. x 48in.






oil on canvas

12in. x 24in.

My queer art at Café des Arts during Montreal Pride.


A Woman Emerges / Une Femme Émerge


Looking for a biographer / À la recherche d’une biographe.

To interested authors,


I’m looking to form a partnership with someone who can become the author of my memoirs that I would like to see eventually published in both official languages. It goes that you need to be able to get into my head somewhat and pull, cajole and generally drag my life experiences out of me in some coherent manner.

The memoirs would focus mainly on me as an artist, but would touch upon past experiences such as over a decade in scientology as well as my transition and my being a Queer woman. I would want this to include images of my art of course. 


Our contract would be one of sharing in royalties, and your name would be front and centre on the front cover as the author. 


Please contact me at:


Aux interesé(E)s,


Je suis à la recherche de quelqu’un qui serait d’accord a entrer en partenariat avec moi dans l’élaboration d’une mémoire sur ma vie. J’aimerais voir cette dernière publier dans les deux langues officielles éventuellement. Il vous faudrait être habile a me soutirer certaines de mes expériences et les traduire de façon cohérente.


Ces mémoires ce veulent être sur ma vie d’artiste-peintre mis toucheront aussi sur d’autres moments de mon vécue comme mon séjour dans le secte de la scientologie ainsi que sur ma transition et le fait que je suis une femme Queer. Vu que ça serait surtout sur mon art, faut y laissez de la place pour les images. 


Notre entente ( contrat ) en serait une de partage des royautées, et votre nom serait bien entendu, sur la couverture en tant qu’auteur(E).


S’il vous plait me contacté au:

I’m nominated in 2 categories in the 2013 MOTHA Awards.

Please go vote for me at the following link:

The MOTHA Art Awards are modeled after high-profile, industry- and identity-specific prizes such as the Lambda Literary and the GLAAD Awards, which celebrate a few achievements of the LGBT creative community and their mainstream media representations, respectively. The MOTHA Awards are also inspired by the performance-based artwork the Rob Pruitt Art Awards ( The MOTHA Awards highlight transgender contributions to our current cultural landscape while also highlighting the limitations inherent in such a system of competition, exclusion, tokenism, and positive-image pandering. Nominations and voting are open to everyone.

The winners of the 2013 MOTHA Art Awards will be posted to the MOTHA website ( after December 1, 2013. Winners will receive nothing but the winning title. Winners must determine for themselves if the title signifies recognition of the merit of their work.


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